Welcome to Cambridge Walking Tour - Vidi Guides

Welcome to Cambridge Walking Tour - Vidi Guides

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Available to 1 January 2025

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Join us on this picturesque tour across the beautiful city of Cambridge.


35 Minutes


We’ll get a more intimate look at the culture, history, and soul of this famous town. We will take you by some of Cambridge’s most famous colleges as we acquaint you with their many traditions (both familiar and odd), their students’ lives, and some fun facts about their past.

Walk with Vidi Guides

  • Market Square
    Slip back into the past and find out how 'the bridge over the granta' got her present name.

  • The Cambridge University
    Learn all about life as a student beyond the walls of the university and its age-old Oxford rivalry.

  • The Round Church
    Dating back to 1130, learn about this beautiful church and what it stands for.

  • St. John's College
    Map the journey of a student's life as we explore the history and architecture of this building.

  • Trinity College
    The largest and richest of all the Oxbridge colleges has a wealth of history and tradition to share.

  • Gonville and Caius
    As students cycle past, we get another closer look at the social traditions in student life in Cambridge.

  • The gate of Honor
    You then pause here to learn about Stephen Hawkin's Alma mater.

  • St Mary's the Great
    Discover the biggest ceremony in student life and all its traditions full of weird quirks.

  • King's College and Chapel
    You'll bid your goodbyes at the most beautiful and famous image in all of Cambridge!


Starting Point

Market Square, Cambridge

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