Get hands on with history in these immersive and unique days out

26 June 2023

These aren't any ordinary historic days out! Allowing you to get up close and immersed into their own unique worlds, these are the days out that truly captivate the family in a one-of-a-kind experience. 

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Visit an interactive day out in the UK at these historic sites

Once the operating pinnacles of their respective branches of history, these historic sites are now beloved tourist attractions and make for a truly unique opportunity for families to get to touching distance with decades of history. 

Explore the history of naval warfare, mining heritage or even the postal system in these museums and historic sites in the UK that are bound to meet all your expected niches. 

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Dive into the depths of history in these hands-on days out

These days out in the UK will have you feeling like you're part of the very history that you're witnessing! 

Whether it's walking through an old Victorian prison cell or meeting the dark figures from London's sinister path, you won't get much closer with the dark side of history than with these immersive days out. 

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Experience the world on a unique day out in the UK today

These days out will prove to be something that you and your family will be unlikely to have ever seen or done before.

Interact with the world of space and aviation, take a carriage ride on royal grounds or visit the UK's most isolated prison!

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