Liverpool South Coast Cycle Tour

Liverpool South Coast Cycle Tour

Liverpool Cycle Tours Ltd

Available to 30 July 2023
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Spend 2 hours and find out what's so fun about riding an electric pedal assist bicycle.

The Liverpool South Coast Cycle Tour is ideal for those who haven’t cycled in a while or who would like to take a leisurely cycle alongside one of the most famous rivers in the UK – the River Mersey.

You'll be greeted with fresh, open air and exceptional views of the Wirral and Wales on clear days.

Make your day perfect and explore more of Liverpool, including areas which are inaccessible to cars, taxi's, coaches and buses. There'll even be an opportunity to stop for a drink when you pass by the public house during the tour.

The route is completely flat and is ideal for anyone wanting to explore a bit more of Liverpool without too much strain, especially using the new fleet of e-bikes which are amazing.


Due to UK laws, anyone under the age of 14 cannot ride an electric bike.

If you are coming with your family with children between the ages of 11 - 13 then they will be given a standard bicycle without a motor.

Merseyside L1 8JU

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