ZipWorld Conwy - North Wales

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Discover an amazing North Wales adventure at Zip World Conwy

Located in the stunning Welsh village of Dolgarrog in the heart of the Conwy Valley, Zip World Conwy is your one-stop-shop for exciting indoor adventures, perfect for any weather.

With incredible views of Eryri beyond, and plenty of food and beverage facilities to keep you fuelled for adventure, Zip World Conwy is easily a spot where you can lose a few hours. There’s plenty of indoor activities to choose from for a range of ages and abilities; from soft play to extreme stunt jumping and challenging obstacle courses.

Join in the fun at Zip World Conwy today! 

Adventures at Zip World Conwy in North Wales: 

Zip World Conwy is home to five exciting indoor adventures, making it the perfect rainy day out in Wales for families of all ages looking for adventure! 

  • Adrenaline Drop: Harness in and drop to the ground as you experience the freedom and rush of true freefall with Adrenaline Drop. Take on the 40ft tower and make the exciting leap below. 
  • Adrenaline Indoors: Get your blood pumping at Adrenaline Indoors as you take on three epic adventure spaces that consist of an aerial assault course, extreme drop slides, multi-level high-rise stunt jumps, cargo nets and parkour floor trails to name a few!
  • Altitude Climber: A crazy climb experience for everyone, Altitude Climber consists of 10 quirky and cool climbing walls for kids and adults alike. It’s just you and the wall as you take on themed climbs, from alpine holds to big bubble holds.
  • Elevation Indoors: Take on a challenging indoor high ropes course with Elevation Indoors. Hop across platforms and balance along tight-ropes with the best view in the house on this ultimate test of nerve and agility.
  • Soft Play: The Soft Play is the ultimate indoor activity for kids in Conwy Valley. Set your little ones loose to burn off energy while you relax with a brew in the café.
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Adrenaline Drop - Zip World

Experience true freefall on this exhilarating 40ft drop at Zip World Conwy when you take on the Adrenaline Drop. Get up to 10% off with code DAYSOUT!

Available to 29 December 2024
Get up to 5% off

Adrenaline Indoors - Zip World

Take on assault course, extreme slides and a stunt jump area in an action-packed adventure with Adrenaline Indoors. Use discount code DAYSOUT

Available to 29 December 2024
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Altitude Climber - Zip World

Take on 10 climbing walls in a crazy climbing experience for all ages with the Altitude Climber walls. Get up to 10% off with code DAYSOUT

Available to 1 October 2024
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Elevation Indoors - Zip World

Take on a challenging high ropes course at Zip World Conwy with the Elevation Indoors adventure course. Get up to 10% off with discount code DAYSOUT!

Available to 1 September 2024
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Soft Play - Zip World

Let your kids have fun in the ultimate indoor soft play while you watch on in the café at the Soft Play park. Get up to 10% off with code DAYSOUT!

Available to 1 September 2024
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How to find us

Zip World Conwy is located in Dolgarrog, LL32 8QE

  • Free parking
  • Café
  • Toilets
  • Gift shop
  • Outdoor picnic benches

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